About Us

 New St Andrews Church

Chaplain Rev. F. Nicolson

1st Coatbridge Company was formed during the union of the former Congregations of Dunbeth, Gartsherrie and Maxwell in 1993. It brought together the companies of 12th Coatbridge (Maxwell) and 2nd Coatbridge (Gartsherrie)



 We aim to engage young people in their lives and deliver a programme of activities that promote a balanced growth of the individual in a safe and trusting environment. To develop awareness of their own community and create opportunities for service. To develop latent leadership qualities so that members become contributors to the life of their community – not just takers. To encourage members to get involved in their Company, their Church and the community, and this involvement means taking responsibility for what happens.

The Boys’ Brigade does not confine itself to well motivated and prosperous young people. It offers support and interest to the less fortunate and recognises the value of adult interest as young people develop.

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