The Anchor Section is the youngest section in the BB and is for boys in primary 1 to primary 3 

What do they do?

The Anchor Section has lots of fun doing different activities which include making things, crafts, music, games, sports, stories, going on visits, making friends, and working towards their badges.

All of this is done as part of a balanced programme that is separated into 5 different zones . . .

  • Body - fit for fun
  • Mind - think and do
  • Spirit - God and me
  • Community - me and my world
  • Creativity - make and do

Everything a child in the Anchor Section does helps them to develop and to think for themselves, in a safe environment.

When do they meet?

Our Anchor Boy Section meets on a Wednesday night between 6pm and 7.30pm

What do we wear?

The Anchor Boys have their own special uniform. This can vary between a week night and a parade. As our boys are kept active throughout their weekly meetings we encourage that they wear jogging trousers along with their red Anchor Boy jumper which can be purchased from any Boys Brigade shop. This same jumper should also be worn on parade day along with school trousers and school shoes.


Mrs Y Bell (O.I.C)

Miss L. Elliot (Lt)

Mrs K. Elliot (Lt)

Miss P. McMillan (Lt)

Miss A Peat (Lt)

Miss A McDougall (warrant officer)

Mrs C McCracken (Helper)

Mrs V. Law (helper)



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